Employee Meal Evaluation

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As part of our goal to always improve quality at JTR we are asking that all employees who dine with us complete this survey to provide feedback regarding their experience. Please submit your review within a week of dining at any JTR location. Comments are read by Jenna and Justin at the beginning of the month. Please DO NOT put your name anywhere on this form. Surveys are strictly anonymous. Thank you for your participation.

Dining Evaluation *
Dining Evaluation
I was greeted promptly and warmly upon arrival
The music was at a comfortable volume
The lights were the appropriate strength for dining
I liked the table I was given
I was greeted at the table by my server within a minute of sitting
My server was warm, friendly, and attentive
I had to ask for my water to be filled
My server was able to answer my questions
The restaurant was clean and tidy
My food was prepared to my liking
My server made suggestions for appetizers and/or desserts
My server was considerate of our table’s conversation
I was thanked and welcomed back while leaving the restaurant
The staff was professional and organized