Dining Audit Submission Form

Thanks for helping us enhance our dining experience with your feedback.

Name *
When greeted by the host, were you greeted warmly and verbally welcomed to the restaurant?
Did the host escort you to the table with menus and offer pleasant small talk while walking?
Once seated, did the host hand you menus?
If applicable, leave this section blank otherwise
Were you acknowledged immediately upon sitting at the bar?
Were you greeted by the bartender within 1 minute, presented with a bevnap and offered water?
Did the bartender ascertain your drink preferences and make suggestions?
If at PRHYME: Were you offered a Bar Menu?
Were the drinks you ordered served within 4 minutes of ordering?
Were you presented with an accurate check and/or offered to transfer your tab to your table?
Was the bar clean and tidy?
Did the server greet you within 1 minute of being seated?
Was the server warm and welcoming during their greeting?
Did the server ask if any guests were dining for the first time and if so, go into a summary about the restaurant?
Were you asked if you were celebrating a special occasion?
Did the server point out the beverage list and offer to take drink orders?
Did the server offer to highlight menu selections and specials?
Did the server suggest or ask if you were interested in starting off with an appetizer?
When taking orders, did the server ask the women for their selections first?
Were orders repeated back to each person as they ordered?
Was bread offered and delivered to the table?
Was cracked pepper offered for salads?
Did the server check back on your food once it was delivered to the table?
Were baked desserts mentioned during the entree check-in mentioning that they take 20 minutes to prepare?
Were dessert menus delivered to the table/ server mentioned dessert?
Was coffee and/or an after dinner drink offered at the end of your meal?
Was the check delivered in a clean presenter and correct?
Once your payment was placed, did the server process and return in an acceptable amount of time?
Did the server thank you by name and invite you to return again soon?
Overall, was your server pleasant and hospitable?
Was the sever cleanly dressed and presented professionally?
Was the manager present and in view, interacting with tables?
Did the manager touch your table and present themselves in a warm and hospitable manner?
Was the manager dressed and acting professionally?
Was the appetizer artfully presented and delicious?
Were the salad plates chilled?
Did the salad taste delicious?
Were your entree plates warm?
Were entrees artfully presented and delicious?
Were desserts artfully presented and delicious?
Overall were your expectations met with food quality?
Entrance was well lit, clean and inviting
Was the host area organized?
Were staff congregating at the host area?
Were tables and chairs level and did not wobble?
Were the bathrooms clean and stocked?
Was the music on and at a suitable volume level?
Did the music selection feel appropriate?
Was the dining room clean with tables bussed and reset quickly?
Was your table clean, silverware & glassware polished?
Was the overall ambiance of the restaurant warm and welcoming?
Did you enjoy your experience?
Were you made to feel welcome and appreciated?
Were you referred to by name?
Are you likely to return and recommend to friends?
Did the experience meet or surpass your expectations?