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Working for JTR allows me to be creative, because with JTR its not just a job it’s a family. It’s great to work for JTR. I’m proud to wear it on my jacket as a badge of honor.
While I’m new to the company, I can see right away the strong sense of community. There’s a lovely personal touch here, and you get a feel for how much attention is going into everything (drinks, food) on the menu. All the restaurants have a cool, trendy downtown vibe and seem to be coming about in the right time.
This is such a great place to work because they try very hard to help the local community by purchasing fresh foods from local farmers. They also give to local charities and volunteer lots of time to the community. It’s kind of like a family here. They treat us with great respect and really care about the employees. They care about the people that they are serving. I think it is truly an honest company.

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