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The Cookbook Series - Behind the Scenes!

We're super excited to be working on Chef Justin Thompson's own cookbook this year. The book will be both a story of Justin and his journey in food and restaurants and a compilation of some of his most beloved dishes. We're excited to share this with out and will be releasing tidbits from the book including photos, stories, and recipes! Here's a little excerpt on Justin and his love of Gnocchi from one of our recent shoots...

Herbed Gnocchi & Butternut Squash

"The first time I made gnocchi, I couldn’t believe how delicious it was! Sure, it’s a time-consuming endeavor, but when you first bite into that buttery “pillow” (gnocchi is often times translated to “little pillow”) coated with a perfect sauce, it’s worth every bit of effort. I’ve had gnocchi many ways; boiled and served over sauce, fried with cheese and vegetables, and I’ve had it both with and without ridges, and I love it all.

My favorite, though, is how we do it in this recipe.  Sautéing the gnocchi in brown butter gives the outside a nice crust of buttery goodness that contrasts that soft, delicate interior.  When it comes to the vegetables and sauce, I like to switch it up based in the season.  

This one is perfect for fall and winter months.  For the summer, try it with a lemon beurre blanc and blistered tomatoes, or summer squash and a light marinara.  The possible flavor combinations are limitless and I encourage you to explore!" 


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